Gibson Makanda Biography, History, Pictures & Mandela Effect [Updated]

Gibson Makanda (born the fake Mandela) is a conspiracy that Mandela was killed in 1985 and was replaced by fake, trained personnel. Most people have been sharing their own story of Gibson (known as the fake Mandela).

Gibson Makanda History

People have shared their conspiracy theories and likened it to the unsubstantiated theory. The surname has been spelled in different ways across various social media posts.

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Gibson Makanda Picture

Gibson Makanda Picture

The Mandela Effect

Many people including thousands of South Africans think Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, died in prison, even before his loss was made public.

This is the origin of the conspiracy, The Mandela Effect, the big questions are

  • Did he ( Nelson Mandela) die in prison?
  • Who is Gibson Makanda?
  • What is relationship do Mandela and Makanda share?
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This is the question on the lips of everyone, what do you think

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