Paul Rusesabagina Biography, Wife, Book, Popular Quotes

Paul Rusesabagina is a Rwandan humanitarian hid and protected 1,200 Hutu and Tutsi refugees from the Interahamwe militia during his days as a house manager at the Hôtel des Mille Collines in Kigali, during the Rwandan genocide. He was born June 15, 1954.

Paul Rusesabagina Bio

Paul Rusesabagina Age

He was born June 15, 1954, as of 2019, Paul Rusesabagina is 64 years old.

Paul Rusesabagina Wife

He and his ex-wife, Esther Sembeba go married on September 8, 1967, and separated in 1981. He married Tatiana 1989 and she adopted his sons and not quite long Paul and his wife had a son together.

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Paul Rusesabagina Family

He was born into the family of a Hutu father and Tutsi mother in Murama, Rwanda.

Paul Rusesabagina Childhood

He schooled in a town close to Gitwe run by the Seventh-day Adventist church. He became fluent in English and French languages at the age of 13. Paul chose politics by the end of his adolescence, he decided to be a minister.

Paul Rusesabagina Book

He had incredible courage to save the lives of 1,200 people. In his book, An Ordinary Man” Paul tells his story and explores the complexity of Rwanda’s history and the insanity that turned neighbors and friends into murderers.

Paul Rusesabagina Quotes

“I still wonder how policy officials… can sit down at the table with their families and have any appetite for food, or go to sleep at night, knowing that they failed to act. Human beings were sacrificed for political convenience. This would be enough, I think, to turn any reasonable man into a prisoner of his own conscience for the rest of his life.”

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“This is why I say that the individual’s most potent weapon is a stubborn belief in the triumph of common decency.”

“Kindness is not an illusion and violence is not a rule. The true resting state of human affairs is not represented by a man hacking his neighbor into pieces with a machete. That is a sick aberration. No, the true state of human affairs is life as it ought to be lived.”

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“Our days are so few, our existences so complicated. As long as we’re breathing we shouldn’t further complicate our lives.”

“Facts are almost irrelevant to most people. We make decisions based on emotion and then justify them later with whatever facts we can scrounge up in our defense.”

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